31. Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s Remorse is a difficult feeling after a purchase.
The approach motivational system overwhelms you at the point of buying. You think how much you would like to own one.
Then once you have made the purchase in come the avoidance concerns. Do I have enough money? Do I need another one? Is this purchase really worth it?

It doesn’t have to be about a purchase. Any decision that is made that might cause regret can have an element of buyer’s remorse. This can be seen in the Brexit vote or the election of Trump. If voters were allowed to have a public space to express regret. Things might change? Perhaps some might say this is wishful thinking.

And again it seems Buyer’s remorse says more about the buyer. When you might feel buyer’s remorse is about how you are conditioned about money and value. Brought up by a war baby? Your food on the table as children might have been monitored. Giving you the idea that frugality is good. Values around money are emotional. 


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