26. Bugatti

The Lamborghini Muira came out in 1966. Many say it was the first super car. But the 1935 Bugatti Aerolithe coupe might be the first real super car. This particular car was re-built by a company in Ontario Canada.

BugattiCreated 26 years earlier than the Muira. It set a new level of automotive design. Imagine seeing a Bugatti compared to the Model T Ford car shapes of the time.


Its curved lines seem more like an aeroplane. It was a concept car before concept cars were invented. Only four were made. The Atalante model followed. 17 were made. Why so few?
It was so far ahead of its time that the public didn’t get it. Its aluminium parts were riveted together externally. It had a new chassis and double overhead-cam engine. Unbelievably ahead if its time.

It has six exhausts and sounds like this. The dashboard looks like you could peel it off and wear it out to a smart Bugattidashdinner party. The elegance and art deco shape is like something out of a poster print on your wall. More space age than industrial age.


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