28. Bubble Sort

Bubble sort is an algorithm where you can sort items for example books into alphabetical order by re-arranging them Bubble Sortone at a time into alphabetical order. You take one at a time and move them into order. A much better method is to merge sort.

Make lots of piles of two books in each plie then compile the alphabetical list by adding the piles together. Making a pile of 4 books, 8  books, 16 books etc. The larger the number of books the more efficient this method becomes. It is much more efficient with millions of books. Bubble Sort

The same with emails. Apparently it is far easier to do searches for emails than it is to laboriously move each email into a folder you have created. It takes significantly less time to search than to move emails.
Sometimes science carries this efficiency too far. Is this what puts people off science?

To seem to create order by moving emails into folders keeps the person happy. Yes it might not be efficient but it suits the person to feel like they really are doing something efficient. So it feels efficient!! To put things in boxes, drawers and cupboards is what we are all used to doing. It seems like we enjoy it. It gives us comfort. However inefficient it is to search for something.

So what efficiency seems to forget is the random. The human. The creative. We might find something else by chance pulling items out of a cupboard looking for something else. We might have forgotten about it and take great pleasure in finding it. The newly found item might even surpass what we were originally looking for.

As a result we have adapted to many things that are inefficient. Sitting in a chair, driving a car, texting on mobiles. These are examples of inefficient ways of doing things.
Maybe. But we like it.

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