8. Broken Liberalism

John Gray states the Liberal West finds itself in a quandary. Unable to take responsibility for the rise in power of anti liberal Broken Liberalismmovements, Liberals have to disconnect. To connect would mean they destroy themselves and their view of the world. The Liberal Ideology is slowly but surely unravelling.

The idea of freedom being what people want as a natural human need is a falsity. Difficult to see because it has been peddled & propaganda’d for so long. People want security, for their families, their way of life, and their employment. Choosing between freedom and a tyrant’s security they often choose tyranny. Freedom of choice is meaningless in war and poverty.

The West has focused on trying to establish Liberal views and freedoms on countries which have failed. These countries have become failed states creating terrorism and immigration. The people in their own countries have been ignored. The failure of institutions to tackle these problems have forced the populace to reject mainstream politics.

The ideology that once humans are free from tyranny they can just return to their normal condition is anti human behaviour. Freedom is not a natural characteristic. It is artificial and takes time and practice. Tolerance unlike kindness is not a natural human condition. Tolerance is the habit of restraint and takes years to learn. Years of security and wealth. The Global market and Immigration impacting on a forgotten impoverished community creates an environment of intolerance and protectionism. Or Brexit and Trump.

The Liberals see no connection between their high minded ideals of freedom and equality and the rise of people wanting any other alternative. The Wests’s devotion to a Liberal Ideology ignoring basic human behaviour puts the West in danger. The West and Liberalism is in decline.

Liberalism’s arrogance has been to assume that Liberalism is essential for humans to live a meaningful life. We live like this so you must too. The combination of Ideology and Power creates a counter weight of resistance. Ideologies, like religions if rigidly imposed create a fearful backlash. This cannot be denied just because the ideology cannot admit its own failings.

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