16. Brexit Education

Brexit Education: It seems the biggest criteria to ensure someone voted Brexit was less education. The more education you have the more likely you were to vote remain. The theory is that if you are more educated, you have more opportunities, Brexit Education and benefit more from the system. People voted for Brexit who felt they weren’t benefitting from the system.
Some educated people voted Lexit for more political reasons such as a lack of democracy, and left wing values to support the working class.

Imagine a woman who strongly argues and cannot understand why women mind being called girls. Her family experience was that her less intelligent brother was favoured over her. She was not supported or given ambition. Why would she do this? Is this also a lack of education? Perhaps the awareness is too painful. To maintain the demeaning description of women being called girls means that she doesn’t have to think or consider her own background as being painful or demeaning?

It seems to be more than education – but education can help! Bringing to our attention that our world is not just an anecdotal experience from our friends and family requires imagination and interest. Our world is determined by many factors pressing down on it from outside. Context is everything. Our experience is not just defined by what has happened to us. The personal world is not formed just from itself: it is created from another bigger world. Interest in the bigger picture gives a clearer understanding of our own personal world and how it was created.

Interest in our ownselves is revealing but painful. That is why we don’t want it!
Brexit Education

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