34. Brangelina

So the Brangelina dream has ended. Why do we care so much? Do you?
The couple are so famous there are not many to compare them to. Posh and Becks, and Clooney and what’s her Brangelinaname? What is the fascination?
The stars have large PR companies to look after them. They control what goes out & what is seen. Brangelina have managed to control their image letting out little bits of their life together just to keep everyone interested.

Brangelina are an example of who we might be with limitless/limited talent and loads of money. We wonder what we might be like and how we would deal with the pressure of fame.
Fame the microscopic obsession with wanting to know everything about the person. Yet most of us know that this is nothing to do with the actual person. We accept that it isn’t. So what’s the point? Boredom? The reality of life is not being satisfying?

One of the facets of the 21st Century that people might look back on in the future, is that nobody knew themselves, and if they did they wouldn’t be good enough. So to have stars who we can pretend are perfect or who we want to be is a salve or medication to our lostness and unknownness.narcissus-caravaggio-300x363

We look but we do not see ourselves. Narcissus looked and looked. Admired. But there was no understanding. No depth. No inside: just outside. The beauty was adored. But beauty is only skin deep. Much better to have the perfect star to look up to rather than be with the pain of our imperfect uglier self.

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