7. Bon Scott AC/DC

Bon Scott wild man and once lead singer of the Australian rock n roll band AC/DC.
Nearly killing himself on a motorcycle, spending a year in prison, furthering his learning on the drums.
But it was his powerful voice that was his talent. Which got him noticed: and he entered the extreme rock n roll life style. Which was eventually his demise.

It seems boredom was his enemy. A lot of the guys I meet have the same issue. Boredom is to be blotted out with sex, drink, drugs, extreme sports. Take your pick.
A Boredom that drives a life is formed early in life – usually pre verbal and tricky to reach back to.

The attachment is experienced as insecure and disconnected. An emptiness is created in the soul which is carried and effective all of life. So boredom can be a way of saying emptiness. An emptiness so full of fear and dread that it needs courage to face and make friends with. This is the work.

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