17. BMW Manners

BMW have got into trouble with advertising their luxury sporty saloon. It has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).
The strap line ‘Luxury just lost its manners’, and the claim that  ‘For some, the climb to the top is quicker’ make driving fast a message which the ASA could not tolerate. The ASA was concerned that theBMW Manners message was encouraging speed and potentially dangerous driving. The double spread advert in the Daily Telegraph advert targeted an audience who were ‘high-net-worth’ business leaders.

There is another message that could be interpreted here. That people who can afford luxury saloons don’t mind not having manners. In fact it is OK to be able to afford luxury and have no manners. BMW owners have BMW Manners which is no manners.

And so it would seem as it is perectly in keeping with the times. The marketing men have a knack of catching the wave of current thinking and exploiting it.  The rich are becoming super super rich. They can afford bad manners with little consequence. Brexit was a vote against the rich and the Westminster Elite. Trump is rich but still expected to revitalise the industries of Middle America.

There have always been rich and poor. But never has the gulf between them been so wide. We love entreprenuers and the making of money. The disdain business owners have towards their workers seems to be more Dickensian than 21st Century.
We are being taught to love weath more than anything. We always have been taught to love money. To be safe and in control are human traits which money can give us?  But a short cut which fails to develop a sense of justice, and togetherness. The gulf gets wider and wider.
BMW Manners

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