20. Blatter Affect

Blatter Affect
Sepp Blatter continues to play down criminal proceedings against his associates. For years Fifa has known to beLove Delusion.jpg alt=Love Delusion   a corrupt institution which nobody until now has gained proof or wanted to do anything about.

Say what you like about Mr Blatter but he has remained remarkably consistent in the face of adversity. You could say that his manner is arrogant and defies belief in that he can still continue the charade that his organisation will benefit from his excellent leadership.
Blatter Affect

With a leader like this, the affect on others around him is to split them into good and bad. You are bad if you do not follow the leader and will incur the leader’s wrath if ever you try and challenge them. You are good if you schmooze and pacify the leader and make them feel good. You will also gain substantially by their methods of leadership. It can be no coincidence that countries playing along with the leader also benefit from how the leader benefits. Not clear? Its not meant to be. If it was clear then arrests would be made and prison sentences given out. Blatter Affect

The brazenness with which Blatter continues the exploitation of his positive leadership style is because he genuinely believes it. There is no fakery or duplicity here. He is being genuine. Some leaders of organisations find themselves free and unfettered to narcissistically feed their own wishes and desires at the expense of colleagues and the organisation itself. Narcissism in the Boardroom is not uncommon. Blatter Affect

Something in a primary relationship has gone deeply wrong. A sense of deep mistrust, and paranoid fear of others trying to destroy them pushes the leader along to ever more flights of unreality.

The inside world is the reality: the outside world is twisted and bent to fit this inside world.
One day we might learn about Mr Blatter’s early years and have our dislike and disbelief turned into sadness and empathy.

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