22. Black Wall Street

On May 30th a black teenager called Dick Rowland entered a lift managed by a white female lift operator. Through chinese whsipers it was assumed he had sexually assaulted her. He was arrested.

By dusk an angry white crowd gathered outside the courthouse looking for vengeance. A black crowd assembled outside the courthouse to protect Rowland. The white crowd went into the area of Greenwood burnt 1256 homes, plus black businesses, a school, a library, and a hospital.

6000 people were placed under armed guard at local recerational grounds. Dick Rowland was acquitted of all charges, and left Tulsa.

36 people dead 10 of them white. The event was expunged from history. The local newpaper removed the story from its archives. Police and state records of the event disappeared.
It was not recorded in history books or taught in schools.
In 2001 the Race Riot Commission stated 100-300 people died and 8000 were made homeless.
Black Wall Street

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