14. Billionaire Art

Billionaire Art? Can Art change the world? Can Art improve the world?
Art is personal. We know music, art paintings, objects. They are present and from the past. Childhood shapes.

Gallery visits. First time listening to pieces of music remain. Where when and with who.
Yet a large part of art is an industry fuelled by wealth. The wealthy buy art for love and investment. Mainly investment? It is a sleight of hand for the wealthy to say that artists are crucial to the world. They become benefactors of artists to offset their wealth. Like a carbon footprint.
To use their resources to benefit others is not wealth: it’s a loss of wealth.

Humans bolster their world to the idea they want to have of themselves. Art makes billionaires acceptable, cuddly, interesting. The way they want to be seen.

Did Andy Warhol or the Beatles change the world? Post war emanicipation? Music functioned as an open secret of ownership. We had music that only belonged to us. Not to our parents. It was radical, shocking, avante garde. It separated as into a new generation. Music formed us. Other things will separate newer generations. While music now has become mainstream which generations share.

Each generation has similar anxieties. Who are we? What makes us different? How we do what we want with what’s left? Do our values align with those presented to us?
Art for Art’s Sake

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