22. Beware! Referendum

So the Brexit leavers have their referendum result. Against all expectations the Remains lost the vote to stay in Beware! Referendumthe EU. Anecdotally two Brexit voters were heard in the supermarket queue saying they didn’t think they were going to win. But now they had – they were frightened about what they had done. Beware! Referendum

The trouble is that voters don’t see the difference between referendums(a) and elections. Voters have used this referendum as a protest vote like a protest vote in an election. The vote won’t count.
Oh dear. So we have we decided our national fate on the whim of a protest vote? Even though that protest is legitimate.
Beware! Referendum

London, Scotland and Northern Ireland all voted strongly to remain. Significantly these three areas unrepresentative of Industrial England. Citizens who benefit from the UK economy, the more wealthy voted to remain. Yet you could argue it was the common man who won out. But?

Beyond whatever the immediate ramifications of the Brexit vote will be Politics will come off worst.
And so it should.
The Prime Minister thinking that the referendum would resolve the European issue. Allowing it to happen in the first place looks foolish and out of control. The Conservative right poised to take over the party, looking traumatised with no plan. Blairite Labour has lost again. The Labour left wing is floundering about not able to represent its core voters. Beware! Referendum

The political system as we know it is in decay. There is nobody or nothing big enough to kill it off. So it stumbles along missing a limb here and there but still manages somehow to grind on.

If it was a protest vote about the heartland of England being ignored then it is understandable. It is a truth that globalisation and the neo-liberal agenda is threatening to kill off a portion of the population. Not because it wants to but because it sees it as unworthy and useless.

Yet  if the bigger picture is not taken into account then something nasty happens in reaction.  See it as a projection. The parts of ourselves we don’t like we blame on the external. In this case immigration. The problem is that the original parts remain unresolved. And what we project onto externally might bite back.

If the intention was to give the ruling elite a bloody nose it is a success. Yet like the projection the bite back might be worse. Compare the austerity of the present middle Tory agenda to the right wing agenda of  privatisation and free market ideals. The wastelands of the North are even less irrelevant in the new right wing free market agenda.

The final irony is that the main Brexit protagonists in victory looked lost and frightened. Their success caught them out. Brexit has now become a poisoned chalice. Nobody can carry out its promises. Nobody can stop it. Whoever touches Brexit is finished. Enter a Fall Person?
Beware! Referendum

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