4. Bereavement & Loss

Running a Bereavement & Loss course one of the topics that came up was how in 2024 modern life is set up to be a distraction. There are so many ways to distract from the pain and suffering of human existence. The idea of resolution was entwined in the day. The idea that through self help we can change improve, resolve our issues through attention and will. That we can continue to avoid and deny our demise by religion, reincarnation, that we can be convinced that our ending will not be final. Perhaps we can? But the shock and trauma of bereavement & loss might tell us otherwise?

There appears to be no escape to suffering but we are working on it. There is a dream that technology can save us from the drudgery and the difficulty of life: giving us the time and energy for the things we want to do. Perhaps it can. Limitless lives of comfort.

What about transference? The idea that we are fixed early on to repeat in adult life. We spend our days defending our transference village from figures of pain and suffering trying to get in. The sentries and barbed wire keep the different figures of pain and suffering out with ease. It is the similar and familiar figures that the sentries cannot identify who slip in underneath the wire. These figures silently emerge in the places in our transference village we thought were protected and sacred.

One day we might be able to change our early days through an app so we can choose what is similar and familiar. It could be a game to see how we could fool our natural defenses with no consequences of pain and suffering.
Until then ….

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