33. Batty Man

Batty Man a phrase created in Jamaican Patois to denote a gay or effeminate man. A wider use of the word is to describe a man who does not fit the male cultural norms. The term batty refers to buttocks or anus. Words that define a man as being different to the cultural or social norm are in all cultures. Usually derogatory and insulting.
Batty Man

What is it about the male cultural norm in societies that has to be protected from the threat of difference? If the cultural male norm is so powerful and supported by patriarchy why are there so many defenses ready to attack when male norms are perceived to be vulnerable?

A feature of norms is that they are limiting. Norms lack creativity and energy. And like the security light norms accentuate the dark areas. An unfortunate metaphor perhaps showing norms to be light and difference to be dark. But it is so. The norms we are all familiar with and feel safer with? Difference creates a tension: the unknown, the unseen. A threat to the staus quo of norms.
Yet in the difference from the norm is a sense of energy that something new might be understood.

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