Telephone Email Skype Counselling

Telephone Email Skype Counselling
Emotional Support
Adrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog Scott North London Counsellor Blog Counselling via your pc or mobile can be a way into counselling if you live in a rural area far from a counsellor. Or you just want to try it out, without the hassle of sitting in front of someone.

Perhaps you feel that your issues are too embarrassing or unimportant.
Typing to an online counsellor could be a way forward!

I have a Level 3 Certificate in online counselling gained in November 2011

If you have a busy schedule, child care issues, or do not want the immediacy of face to face work this page is for you!
There is an argument that nothing can replace face to face work. The way the counsellor responds to you, with facial expressions and can hold you in a warm caring environment is missed.
There is a truth in this: but in the modern world we are adapting to other ways of communicating.
One of the big advantages of not being face to face is that it can dilute the intensity of face to face work particularly at the beginning of counselling. It is an introductory to counselling which might not happen otherwise.

Telephone Email Skype Counselling
Mix and Match
Mixing telephone,email, and skype counselling can be a challenge. Email counselling is the most anonymous counselling. Being anonymous can lead us to forget our inhibitions and say more. Telephone counselling is less anonymous – you can hear the tone and inflection of the counsellor’s voice. Sypke counselling allows you to hear the voice and see the face.
Starting with emails and then moving to telephone and skype can leave you feeling exposed. You might suddenly realise that you have revealed something, and now you can be more seen. This is Ok. It happens in all types of  counselling. Shame and not wanting to feel judged by others is a natural strong human emotion.


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