Do you fell like this?

Stress – You hear the word all the time: at home, in the workplace,
at college and in schools. But what does it mean?
What it means is very personal to all of us: we all become affected in very personal ways.
It can be overwhelming: it is beyond tiredness! It prevents us from doing what we have to do and what we want to do.
When we reach this stage it is too late to do anything about it.
Talking about stress, the triggers, and identifying old familiar patterns of being stressed repeating themselves in the present can be helpful. We are all stressed for particular reasons to ourselves and our history: this is why we can find situations difficult that others find normal and vice-versa! Talking about your stress can put it into perspective and help you to think and reflect on the stress. This will enable you to work out ways of being able to alert yourself to the stress before it happens.
I will accompany you in your stress so that you fell you have a neutral companion who can empathise with your overwhelming feelings.
You can find yourself overwhelmed by one big problem, or many little problems. A situation can be sudden like an unexpected bereavement or a slow build of unresolved long term problems. Stress can affect us mentally and physically.
Some people to protect themselves and turn to drugs, alcohol, sex or any other addictive behaviours. This can be effective in the short term. It will alleviate your feelings. But it will be unhealthy and destructive to you, your mind and your body immediately. In the long term the behaviours will become less and less effective as the mind and body become used to them, and your stress will win through again.


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