With or without relationships we can find ourselves isolated and alone. We can be in relationships which make us feel alone. Without a relationship which makes us feel lonely. Yet we all come from relationships. You might feel that you have had good relationships, bad ones or none at all. We tend to judge ourselves by our relationships. At work, at home with partners & children, and with extended family.
Whatever our situation in the present we are formed by relationships, usually from the past.
These early bonds influence our present life to the point that we do not even realise it. These forces from the past  can be hidden to us, because they are so familiar  that we do not recognise them.
Talking can help to see what you want and what is stopping you achieving what you want.
Relationships Relationships Same sex relationships can have different pressures. Society can view same sex relationships with varying degrees of tolerance, and acceptance. This is illustrated in the political resistance to same sex marriages. There can also be issues within families and extended families who have differing views on sex and sexuality. Gay and Lesbian communities are in the minority in the UK where the hetrosexual culture dominates all aspects of society.
Talking to neutral person about sex and sexuality, the affect it has on you and those around can be important in identifying what you would like to do. And what would be good for you.


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