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Non-Religious Acem Meditation
Mindfulness is a Meditation without the
religious aspects of traditional meditation.
Being with yourself in meditation allows you to explore your relationship with yourself through a state of free mental attitude. It is not about excluding thoughts but witnessing thoughts without judgement. I would recommend Mindfulness meditation, and then bringing what you discover to the counselling to explore in a safe confidential space.

Mindfulness is a recognised treatment in the NHS in the NICE Guidelines for anxiety and Depression

I recommend the following books:
Acem Meditation – An Introductory Companion

Inner Strength– The free mental attitude in Acem Meditation
The Mindful Way Through Depression Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness (includes Guided Meditation Practices CD)I recommend the following courses:

Acem Meditation – Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness for Health

Dana HolidaysWatch the following short clips!

BBC clip of a journalist doing mindfulness Meditation
Happiness Challenge


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