Depression Haringey

Depression can be disabling.
You can be OK  one day, and the next day in a depression.
Your life can seem futile and pointless with no direction or purpose.

Depression is taken from the verb to depress. It means that you are depressing strong feelings because your mind is trying to protect you from these feelings.
So why does your mind act like this?
Your mind believes you need protection due to events that have happened where it seemed the best thing to do at that time and in those circumstances was to depress those feelings.

This would be OK if it was not affecting other parts of your life.
Learning what those feelings are, and why your mind had decided to depress the feelings can help lessen depression. Counselling is not a magic cure, but reflecting on those feelings in a safe holding environment can help with you.
A definition of Depression
Being depressed can range from being a bit down to feeling that you do not want to get out of bed. You are reading this because for you there is something about your state of mind that prevents that you doing what you want to do. Or someone close to you wants to help you and has suggested some emotional support or counselling.
Talking about your feelings when you are depressed can help understand what you are going through and put it into perspective. I have worked with people who have not wanted to come for counselling when they are depressed. THis is exactly the time to attend counselling so that you can witness another person not judging you but trying to understand who you are as a person.


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