anxiety live in a world of anxiety. Television news keeps us in a state of anxious anticipation by peddling bad news every minute of the day. We feel anxious from time to time. It is our mind and body warning us about the situation we find ourselves in or might find ourselves in.

But if we are anxious all the time it means that we cannot enjoy our lives. Anxiety can rule our minds with awful scenarios of embarrassment and humiliation. Simple tasks cannot be completed as our anxiety takes over and warns us that everything is a threat. Counselling can help. Being in a safe place with a person who you can trust can bring to light those feelings that lie under the anxiety.
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Anxiety is a natural state which helps keeps us safe. It is good to be worried and anxious about a threat to ourselves and others that we care about. The threat can be real such as a health scare, illness, financial worries, loss of job, unemployment, bereavement: or really anything that you perceive to be a threat.

But a threat can be misleading: we feel it as a threat – but is it really? Or does it remind us of something or somebody? Sometimes threats can be learnt, or given to us by others who feel that anxiety. Some of who we are is created from the past. We are alert to threats so when we experience a threat or see others feeling threatened and anxious, we can take this threat or anxiety on as our own particularly as children.
Talking about anxiety can locate the source of the threats, and help us to decide if they are ours and whether we genuinely feel them or they have been given to us by others.




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