My Skills

Your Counsellor’s Skills – What to Know
Skills. What does it mean when we talk about skills?My Skills Adrian Scott BACP Accredited Counsellor
Does this mean experience, interests or what we have trained in?

Like Rooms in a House
Skills are looking in a house with many rooms: we feel more practiced and familiar in some rooms than others. Here is a menu of where I am familiar, and have had experience.
Even in these familiar rooms I have more to learn and would like to explore the rooms which I have not visited, and some I do not know exist!
Counselling is a journey into the unknown for both you and your counsellor.
The mystery of the unknown is part of the work.

Skills with what people present
My skills are working with people who feel stuck and unable to move on within their lives. I have skills which help people who are new to therapy, and do not have an experience or background in talking about themselves and others. I have worked in different agencies including on the street, which has encouraged me to adapt my skills to different working environments, and varied types of people.

I have worked with people who want help with a specific issue: and people who do not know what they want, but want to find out.

Client Groups
Primary Care GPs
Mental Health



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