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My work experience / CV

I have managed Counselling Services, Day Centres, and mental health organisations in the Voluntary Sector for over 18 years, in
including Just Ask Counselling Service which  merged into Providence RowBrent MINDSouthwark Carers, and Pyramid Health and Social Care Association(Phasca)

I have been a Director of Services in three organisations. This has  involved managing staff teams providing services to mental health users, carers, and primary care patients.

I have worked with the homeless client group providing traditional counselling and therapy and street sessions in the Victoria Station area, using one session therapy models.  I have managed stand alone counselling services and counselling services embedded in organisations.
I am a Lecturer at City Lit running workshops on Bereavement, Psychodynamic Counselling and the Unconscious

I have a Masters from Cass Business School in Voluntary Sector Management.
Please contact me for a copy of my CV.


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