PC 414 City Lit: An Introduction to the Unconscious Friday 18th May 2018 Room 503

Welcome to An Introduction to the Unconscious
at City Lit Friday 18th May 2018 10.30-4.30pm.
Below is some reading material if you have time before
the course.
The course will take place in Room 503 on the 5th floor.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me

I hope you enjoyed the day.
Here are the slides and meditation link below.

Slides Student -Unconscious-2018

Guided Meditation Female Floating on a Cloud / Anxiety Stress Relief



Please respect the copyright of these pdf documents which are here for your interest. Some of the documents are scanned, so the quality is not 100% You will be able to access this page for a week after the day. The slides presented on the day will also be available here.

Day-Programme-Unconscious PC414

Couch Fiction by Philippa Perry

There are two bibliographies Unconscious Bibliography & Ucs Dream Bibliography
Link to Freud’s Childhood

Theory of Ucs bullet 2     Ucs Who was Freud
Ucs General Info Timeline         Ucs Ancient Cultures Examples        Freud’s Dream
Ucs Analysis of a Specimen dream                Counsellor Dream Work
Ucs Interp of Dreams Bullet         Cassandra Complex Oliver James
Resistances Confrontations        Repression Part2     Freud Marx     Ucs Esteem Distortions

Website : Vienna 1900









Slides Unconscious 2018




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