24. Audrey Munson

Audrey Munson was a New York model who nobody knows. 
Born in 1891 she was the first super model becoming a model for sculptors. Her image is all over New York in stone and bronze. Even adorning the back of a coin.

At the time ‘Miss Manhattan’ as she was called had a look which fitted the Beaux Arts ideal of womanhood. Between 1910-15 she caught the wave of the New York building boom becoming the model statuette of the city. She appeared in film naked: the first women to play nude in a non-pornographic film. She spent money quickly dating the country’s most wealthy eligible bachelors.

Her landlord killed his wife he was so obsessed with Audrey. This publicity finished her career.

At 40 years old her mother put her in an asylum. Where she remained for the rest of her life dying at 104 years old buried in an unmarked grave.

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