37. Terence Wilson aka Astro UB40

Terence Wilson aka Astro was a founding member of the band UB40. Created in Birmingham by working class lads on the dole. UB40 was the claim form to get your money.

Born out of the turbulent times of Thatcher’s Britain in the 1970s. UB40 was a protest band with a protest attitude. Working class, with an ethnically diverse line up, they raged reggae style to the life style of mass unemployment. The era that started deregulation and global industrialisation.

Overlapping with Rock against Racism, and the Anti-Nazi League, UB40 were at the musical forefront of a divided nation seeking to redress a surge of nationalism and anti immigration.

With the theme of racism and the attention brought to how the world’s population were hell bent on destroying themselves and the planet.
UB40 appears amazingly topical.

You might think not much has changed.

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