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Aston Martin Music is a rap track by Rick Ross.

It begins with Rick Ross as a young boy watching a 1985 Aston Martin V8 Volante droptop
pulling up outside a neighbour’s house.
One day will Rick be able to afford one of those cars? One little girl says no, another says yes.

The song can be written off as the usual misogynistic, fast cars, fast drug, illegal, easy drug money,
high living, rap track. But listen closer and it is more subtle and nuanced illustrating a light and dark side.
A conscious and unconscious view of a rapper’s life.

The track is composed around a happy hopeful treble synthesiser refrain: which continues all the way through. Underneath is the bass synthesiser growling away in the front of the mix constantly interrupting the sweetness of the treble refrain. This combination of treble and bass portrays ambition, hope for the high life and doing what you like but with a sense that it is dangerous, flawed, superficial and unsatisfying.
The misogyny is obvious and moves between the oppression of women and being oppressed by women. Women are revered and denigrated at the same time.
The dark side of the song with is expressed with verses like “When I’m alone in my room sometime I stare at the wall / Automatic weapons on the floor, but who can you call?” expressing desperation and no one to turn to.
Towards the end of the song a yearning for a simple straight forward life down south, of being with your roots and family with an honest type of love.

Aston Martin one of the few genuine British iconic marks remaining is the centre piece of the song and video. It shows five models of Aston Martin cars from the 1980s to the present day.
So what’s the point? Entertainment, misogyny, fantasy? Whatever it is, the cleverness of the song is how it glorifies and undermines a gangster’s life style at the same time.

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