5. Tired of America?

America Land of Free. Also the land of Trumpism, Police killing Black men on the street, and big weather. The divisiveness of Democrats v Republicans. The simplicity of vision rendering the complexity of politics to the gun.
Where anything can be bought and sold. The birthplace of The American Dream, Neo liberalism, and Social Media.

UK Island of History and Fair Play. Also the island of Borisism, & Brexit. Teenagers knifing each other on the street, and small weather. The divisiveness of Tories and Labour. Two tier education creating a rigid class system. Conservative with a small c. The birthplace of Empire, the Stiff Upper Lip, Manners and the Internet.

Both countries on the wane of power and influence. With half their populations yearning for the return of Dreams and Empire. With no contemplation that all is in flux. Wax and wane.

Like the powerful charismatic student in class. Good to be around and protected by. But they expect you to fit in with their way of thinking & seeing the world. Brash, loud not caring who overhears. The class leader wants to dominate. Manipulate. Shout down. With disagreement stunned into a lack of comprehension. Hands in the air. Then separation & rejection.

When America coughs. The UK sneezes. What starts there ends here. With little or no resistance. Yet we are different personalities. Americans and English. Maybe we are both schizoid. Split with two parts unable to come together. But should we hang out? Like attracts like. But is it healthy for schizoid socialise with schizoid?

Looking West to America ignoring the Eastern gaze to Europe. Complacent undynamic Europe slow on the uptake out on a long lunch. Beautiful cultured but resistant to the work culture of Globalisation. Still thinking under the trauma of occupation. Hanging onto a homogenious past under threat from world migration, threatened by the dollar.

So we look West to our US cousins. Centre of the cultural power of language and communication dominated by Social Media. On websites and blogs freely identifiable talking about depression, divorce, bereavement, dating experience, drug habits, loneliness and relationships. Lives open to the social media world but able to connect on a deeper level?

So when you want to social media and offload your world view. Please move along. We don’t wish to be cruel or unkind. We feel your distress and pain. We are sad on your behalf.

But please leave us to sit in our smelly pubs, drinking warm beer – soaking up the fish & chips. Nodding but not wanting to converse with anyone. If we learn to trust you we can talk about ourselves – but can it just be between us? Thank you.

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