1. Apricity

Apricity meaning from the warmth of the sun in the season of winter. The word used to describe a very specific phenomenon – the sun’s warmth on a cold winter’s day. 

The word’s origin comes from the Latin apricus representing a sunny day but in a random way used to describe objects warmed by the sun. The Modern Italian language derived apricot from the same Latin word, but really it describes an outdoors position that is clear, bright and serene.

The other word originating from this Latin root is apricate, a verb, meaning a basking, warming up, in the sun.

In the modern world words like this are lost, in our culture of the indoors divorced from nature. This is a nature word to describe a state of mind of being in the moment and appreciating a beauty that is given and free. The moment that the physical world is bigger than us. A moment of luxury of being cold but warmed by the rays of the sun. 

Through awareness Apricity is easily used. Next time when out and about in nature or even on the way to work. Point out to a colleague the beauty of Apricity. 


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