26. Amphorae

Greece opened its first underwater museum on August 1st. The ship was loaded with thousands of Amphorae – jugs usually of wine – untouched for amateur divers to witness. The wreck is 25 metres underwater showing a shape of a very big ship sunk in a storm.

The metaphor of jug is useful in thinking about ourselves psychologically. From our beginnings how we are filled up/related to has a big impact on how we grow up to be adults. Most of us have holes in our jug, or even no bottom at all.

The love and care we receive or not forms our own jug. Sometimes in times of stress we are more leaky than others. Amphorae

We fill ourselves up with the modern world, but cannot be satisfied. Because what is poured into the jug cannot be retained. So the work is to try and build up a more secure jug. To notice how we fill ourselves up, and in what circumstances is crucial. We can develop a sense of who we are authentically & objectively. Then we can really se what stresses us and what makes us happy. Sometimes in opposition to who we think we are.

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