30. Aleppo

Aleppo world heritage site, one of the wonders of the world. It is the capital city of the state of Aleppo. For many  Aleppo centuries it was the third biggest city after Constantinople and Cairo.
Sadly no longer.
The city is a shell of its former glory. It has turned into a living hell for those still eking out an existence there. Nothing is as it seems. Nothing is to be believed.

There are many reports of the ongoing suffering and what will possibly become a war crime. Again the local population is incidental. Though it would not be a city without them. But it is the two sides supporting the factions that keeps the situation going. And so it has always been.

The siege of cities stretches back into time. The sacking of cities. The plundering of cities. Written in the bible and old legends.The language is age old and familiar. And the city is rebuilt.

It is similar to two children fighting over the owner ship of a toy. Neither can let the other have it so it has to break. There is horror, but also relief that neither will have the toy. Neither child will lose face. Some sort of equality has been restored.

Yet the game of Aleppo is an adult game. There are no parents to negotiate. There is no higher power. Nobody else wants to get involved. They are too frightened of getting hurt. Shame is the dominant power. Out of our control, generated externally, sitting at the seat of our being. Shame is to be avoided at all costs.
As in the past will the City of Aleppo have to be destroyed, to be won?

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