34. Administration

Admin is everywhere. You cannot do anything without some sort of administration.
Organising your music online to Adrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog      www.counsellingme.co.ukre-arranging your cutlery draw. It is all administration.

Yet it seems there are some people who are very suited to it and others not at all.
Some people are good at setting up admin processes like creating named folders for all your emails, colour coding underwear, or creating groups for your cd collection. But we really sets the natural administrators apart is the upkeep and maintenance of administration. Do you input your stats, check the records, pore over the accounts daily, weekly, or monthly?

Judgments are made on how people do their administration. Are you an engineer brain or creative person? An engineer brain is very good at administration. The exactness and importance of getting everything right is so important even life threatening. Are you thought of as an anal person? Are you told you have traits of OCD?
Is an attention to detail a sign of a good administrator. Many people do not pay attention to the detail or small print.

But then what is behind the administration?
What is the motivation of wanting to administer. Keeping order? Managing chaos? Trying to be safe? Being  in control? Being safe is an issue for all of us. But sometimes the urge to be safe can consume us. On over riding sense of safety can be to counteract an over riding fear. A fear of anything. A fear of life itself.

Could the level of administration skills signify a level of fear?

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