11. A F**ked World? Part2

You could be forgiven for thinking that the world is going to hell in a hand cart. This phrase itself is 500 years old telling us that this isnt the first time in history the world’s inhabitants might have thought this.
People Are More Selfish
The internet, social media, appearance, narcissism. We are becoming a me me me culture. This is true but no the whole truth. We use these arguments not realising that for older generations there was not much me. Abuse, Authoritarianism, Incest, Child Abuse were all sanctioned in a culture of silence. Yes it is more me me me. But there is less silence. Younger generations aren’t going to tolerate the stupidy & ignorance of the state, authorities and parents. Parent centred to child centred.

Materialism True. We have never been so materialistic. We still haven’t quite got the link of the shop counter to the plastic in the ocean. Younger generations have more. Focused on recycling, sustainability, and reusing stuff, there is an attempt to slow down the shopping juggernaut started post war. It will take a while. But vintage is trendy recycling! The beginning of one quailty thing lasts longer than ten not so quality things. Still a way to go. Materialism is avoidance.

Feeling Good The big one – The biggest con. Difficult to argue against. But so flawed that under scrutiny the idea doesn’t hold up. Light/Dark, Hot/Cold Alive/Dead Happy/Unhappy. Existence, life and nature has a balance of both sides. Everywhere we look with open eyes we see both sides and many sides. Nothing is just good or just bad. But an interpretation of the mixture of both. Freud called death the aim of life. An avoidance of the ultimate end.

In summary this is the way or choice we have of viewing the world. This depends on our beginning, our own counter transference and mainly dumb luck how we can afford to see the world. Some lives have the bad luck of much adversity and hardship. Other lives the good luck of luxury and ease.
Let’s not assume which group sees the world as good or bad.

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