10. A F**ked World? Part1

You could be forgiven for thinking that the world is going to hell in a hand cart. This phrase itself is 500 years old telling us that this isnt the first time in history the world’s inhabitants might have thought this.
Politics and the Future
Nobody knows what the future will hold. Not even politicians. The political system is a series of short term plans suiting the people in power. This is not the best way to plan. Plans are open to politics, so we need to have something bigger than government so that plans can remain unaffected by who has the power. We haven’t invented a system that can do this yet. Optimistically we all know this but are lost to how to move forward.

For all the movement in 21st Century living we are stuck. Stuck at a point in history were we all know a lot more globally than we ever have. We witness more that is wrong than any generation before us. So stuck is good: but painful.
You can plan for the future: but essentially if the future is not predictable then how can you effectively plan for it. The best you can do is make your best laid plans, be flexible, believe in your own resilience. You have survived so far. Humans do not seem able to be predicitve. We have to experience fear and pain, which creates a crisis, which motivates change. To remain unpredicitive we seek states of general non specific untargetted avoidance.

Education is taking a hit. Young persons realise that school has little to do with life. But does it matter? The whole point is to train you into jumping through hoops to a meaningless goal. This is the world of work with the added necessity of earning money. The pandemic was awful. A glimmer of hope is that people are beginning to realise this is a con. A materialistic busyness con. So education is becoming a work qualification, or something to get out of as soon as possible. Less to expand your mind to be able to critique the busyness world. The good news is that jobs can be created online bypassing education and places of work. There is more awareness about the world & what we are told through the media is not true. Again we don’t know where we can find the truth: and begin to think of many competing truths creating endless complexity.

This creates fear in us. With a sense of powerlessness, which we want to stop. But don’t know how. Stuck again.
Fear and stuckness. No wonder we want to avoid.
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