11. Porsche 911S

The 1972 Porsche 911s is a classic. Even to the uninterested or uninitiated   www.counsellingme.co.uk
it is a shape of beauty.

The thing about german sports cars is that they were designed as every day drivers. That means they could stand in the street and you could go to it, turn the key and drive. Over and over again.

porsche 911Teutonic, efficient, reliable, with comfort and speed german sports cars could take a hammering they were so well made.

As for the Porsche 911s 3 years ago you could buy one for £25k. Over a day that figure rose to £150k. That day was in August 2011 when at an auction in Monterey Steve McQeen’s 911s sold for over a million dollars.

Pity. Many will now not be driven but kept in a rich person’s collection in a controlled environment. Just to be admired.

This car is made to be driven. You have to keep your wits about you. It demands your attention. It was known as a widow maker due to the weight hanging off the rear of the car and all the turbo charged power coming on very suddenly spinning the car around!

Now if you have a spare £25k the 1980s Porsche 911s is affordable? Same car, just about as exciting, safer to drive and values on the way up…………

……but then if you have much much more money and want the most modern version of the 911 go here!

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