7. No Waiting for a Vaccine

The UK. Home of the queue. Wait in line. Wait your turn. Know your place. Know your station. We used to look in disdain at other countries where money and rudeness rule. Perhaps this national characteristic should be rewritten?
Though the UK still does physical queuing pretty well. Long lines of people on the street outside post offices socially distanced waiting patiently with their parcels.
But the vaccine queue is different. You can book online, following certain criteria. Are you an essential worker? BACP/ UKCP? Does your bubble include a vulnerable at risk 80 year old with a condition?
The sharp elbow practice, the jumping the queue part is done remotely. Online. On your own. No other people waiting already frustrated at the wait. Ready to turn you back to your place. In shame.

The vaccine queue is like social media: you are disguised. Unknown. Unseen. Just click the tick box. And you’re in. Any trouble physically waiting in the vaccine queue? Probably not. With the life and death save of the vaccine. Nobody is going to question you in the vaccine queue.

Young and alone? Wanting to see your friends? Middle aged and single unable to sit with yourself at home. Not socialising is unbearable. Maybe you feel that your mental health is overwhelming you. Your four walls moving in on you.

The increasing wealth gap changes cultures. A few super wealthy with the rest having to fight for less resources. Rights and Entitlement become ways of cornering resources. No wonder they are more talked about.
What is your right? Are you entitled?

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