40. Small City

Ian Rankin talked about his character Inspector Rebus and the small City of Edinburgh
the stories are set in. Saturday Live 7th November 2015 16 minutes 45 secondsSmall City

The point was made that the size of the small city suited his writing. He said that it was easy for people to imagine Rebus walking around a small city like Edinburgh in a day. The reader can have an overview of Edinburgh where the proximity of good guys and bad guys is closer in a small city.

Enthusiasts of Rebus can even go on walks and run the risk of bumping into the author at one of Rebus’ favourite haunts in the small city.

This kind of imagining is more difficult in a large city like London. The crime novels and TV series set in London focus on the scale and complexity of London. You cannot imagine walking around London in a day. London’s scale and diversity are used as a background to the story. It is too large to be imagined as a whole.

Does this mean that the attachment London’s population has to its capital city is any less personal?
Is London thought of as a city of villages? Is the frantic energy of Central London easier to have an attachment or fondness for?

Does this make the person in Edinburgh closer to their city, than the Londoner?
Can Edinburgh be more easily called home than London?
Small City

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