36. Power in Sport – All Change 2

In the constant era of change there are gains and losses. Humans move in pendulum swings. The pressure of change isn’t slow or subtle. It gains and builds pressure slowly and surely. And then breaks. A tipping point.

The cry of woke is used to describe a preciousness gone too far. An over sensitivity. It’s the pendulum. It might go back to an mean/average. But it takes time.

Power is rarely given up freely. More like a pack of wolves on prey. The wolf that fights dirtiest get the biggest piece. What would it take for all the wolves to equally share the spoils? Not possible. It’s biological. The fittest surivive. Humans maybe are more like wolves.

Unable to share power: the status quo is tightly gripped onto. Nobody wants to let go of their power and influence. Particularly if they feel it’s being taken away from them through being ignored and neglected.

Public power forced an MP to resign against the government’s wishes. He was found to have broken the rules. Change the rules. But democracy won this time.

So the power is challenged, held onto, fought over.
But who has it? Does that change?

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