35. Power in Sport – All Change

Change is painful. Resistance, Stubborness, Denial, Turning a Blind Eye.
Cricket the Gentleman’s Game seen as systemically racist, British Rowing failing at the Olympics losing a winning coach are just two of the most recent examples.

Through the cycle of a human life we are born, bred and for a brief time are current with the culture and trends of the present. Our morals and values are set in this time: so as the years pass we can become more out of touch, seeing the new present as unfamiliar and threatening.

Even if we remain the same: the backdrop us behind fuelled by time keeps moving. Values and morals change. We either acknowledge this or feel left behind. To hang onto the values of the time we grew up with is natural. But it can catch us out.

Race has caught out the white majority. Threatened by a loss of a way of life, overwhelmed by immigration. A refusal to move from exclusion to inclusion. Badly handled by the cosmopolitan democratic elite. Like the Yorkshire Cricket Board.

The relationship to authority has changed. Authoritarian demands with bullying is familiar to some but no longer tolerated. For some this is a problem. How do you motivate athletes without yelling direct commands at them? Like British Rowing.

Change seems only to happen at the point of collapse. Creating an intolerable pause, a regroup, renewal then moving forward to new success. This takes time, and is used as a reason to keep the status quo.

If you heard nasty noises coming from your car engine/battery you would stop the car. Not try to maintain the same speed by fixing it by climbing out onto the bonnet.
Change takes time. A lessening of success. It’s slow and painful.

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