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The biggest news story this week is the comment about muslim women wearing burqas.
It was a provocative statement. Like all provocation it has polarised debate.
Should it be said? Or should it not? Or is it morally empty?

On the one hand for the liberal agenda it is a debate about casual racism, facism and moral emptiness. If people are allowed to be their base selves what will happen. Anarchy? Is this just a populist political ploy?

Violence against Muslim women is reported to have increased over the last week.

On the other hand a more conservative debate about a decline in British values, a sense of being invaded by others’ customs and religions. If things are allowed to continue then the UK will cease to be the country it was/is. And how people in it recognise the country.

The one thing that remains consistent: if people are not allowed to express their views. The views will come out bigger and stronger. It is Brexit again. The Liberal elite calling leavers racist stifled and repressed the debate.
So the opposite reaction came out.

Like all repressions. They lie in wait gaining power and energy. Only to pop out. Appropriately or inappropriately repression doesnt care. It will out.


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