21. Fake Wedding

Fake Wedding

Whatever you think about pop music it is one of our most powerful cultural forces in the 21st Century. Seductive, Love Delusion.jpg alt=Love Delusionmanipulative and giving joy to millions its influence on people’s lives is immeasurable.
So when a video like Sugar by Maroon 5 turns out to be staged/fake – people get upset. The premise is that the group secretly visit a series of weddings and perform their latest hit as a surprise to the wedding party. The video looks real, the plan spontaneous, the bride and groom in love, and the thrill of surprise genuine.
Unfortunately the cat was let of the bag, when several of the actors owned up to being cast as characters in the wedding party.
Whatever your gender politics – weddings, marriage, and public celebration of love reach deep inside us. Seams of want and longing to be loved are laid down in early years. Ideals of a marriage union publicly displayed in white ceremony touch deep hidden unconscious points in us.
This mixed with fame and its recognition, and the dramatic thrill of that fame being revealed from a theatrical dropping of a white curtain creates an intoxicating cocktail mix of powerful feelings.
More to the point we want to believe it. Rationally we should know that the video must be staged. What the camera frames is organised and clean. There is no documentary feel to the video. Those deep longings are lit up with the triggers on the video. The rational is shoved aside in the rush to satisfy deep cravings of love.Here is the lure of the pop video: we all know that it is staged, and rehearsed many times. But we want to believe: the fantasy is an escape from the reality. Reality is a struggle, so having something between people that works without a mess, which ends up simple & happy is irresistible.

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