2. Psychopaths at Large!

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Psychopaths at Large! They live among us.
An article in the Evening Standard states “The majority of psychopaths are not in prison but living among us.” We are all led to believe by the media to think that psychopaths are all killers, In fact maybe living their lives in your workplace, college, or family!
The main characteristic of a psychopath appears to that they are cut off from feelings, so they can do things to people that have no consequence for them. However stressful or negative for other people on the receiving end of their actions. The article goes on to say that for brain surgeons, bomb disposal experts and city traders this is a useful talent, and a necessary tool for survival.
Its good to be a psychopath!
It is easy to understand that to be able to focus on a task, ignoring other distractions will help to complete the task in a focused and efficient manner. The point is that as long as we can return to humanity, and take into account the affect our actions have on others, this skill is a real talent. This is something the psychopath cannot do. The absence of feeling for others is not a temporary state: it is permanent.
You will not be surprised to learn that not many psychopaths present themselves for counselling and psychotherapy. To be attached to their own feelings is not on the psychopaths’ wish list. Efficiency of task and how they can benefit are the only aims.

Most of the research and treatment with psychopaths is done in institutions. The psychopath has been incarcerated for criminal acts and has lots of time to respond to the researchers’ questions. The difficulty is to begin research on psychopaths at large in society. Who would volunteer?
Do you know a psychopath?
Perhaps more people have psychopathic tendencies than we imagine. Does your friend, partner, or spouse do something which seems so out of character? Do they do it without thought for the repercussions on you or on anyone else? Does this happen regularly or around particular situations or topics? Does this mean that they are a psychopath? perhaps not. But it might be a situation where the person feels they are under threat and they go into survival mode.
Are psychopaths rewarded?
Are psychopaths working in society rewarded in a capitalist system? It would seem that how success is achieved in the 21st Century would be compatible with the psychopaths’ skills. Focus, discipline, ruthlessness, and an uncaring attitude can define the successful person. Perhaps the most encouraging sign is that psychopaths are consistently and continually being caught –  unfortunately only after the deed is done.

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