12. Perfect Shamelessness

As though we didn’t know this. Just more evidence. Eton College educates the ruling class to perfect their shamelessness. The constant competition where the rival has to be destroyed. The lads untouchable to the usual moral codes that everyone else has to follow.

Trained up in debating societies and quiz shows. Practiced and willing for their role in Parliament. No pity for the less intelligent, less capable or poor. Talking and defending policies which trash funding of local communities, projects and the NHS. Protected from poverty, recessions, and the up and downs of the economy.

Notice that they are already schooled in shamelessness. They don’t learn it at Eton. They come shamelessness baked! They are born to it. Entitlement Wealth Priviledge. It is not even communicated. It just is.

We are immersed in our childhoods. We have no choice. It is a well meaning brainwashing if we are lucky. We know no different. We are blind to our upbringings. So it is no surprise that they arrive shamelessness.

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