10. New Pope-Thank God!

Adrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog      www.counsellingme.co.ukNew Pope-Thank God!
Pope Francis the newly elected Catholic Pope a 76-year-old from Argentina appears to be taking a different line. A man of the people who has spent his work life helping and supporting the poor.
Less ostentation, travelling on public transport, and paying hotel bills as he leaves.
Thank God!

The multitude of poor Catholics around the world now have a new Pope who will champion their cause.
Poverty and Religion are natural partners. To be poor in a poor country needs a distraction against the on-going hardship of poverty. Religion offers a purpose and puts a meaning to poverty which keeps the poor stricken down and helpless. God offers an explanation for children dying and crops failing. It is God’s will. The surrender to God’s will excuses the injustice of poverty as something that is being taught to us in God’s master plan.

Poverty is the stark reality for 13% of people in China; 47.5% in Sub-Saharan Africa; 36% in South Asia; 14% in East Asia and the Pacific; 6.5% in Latin America and the Caribbean. Almost 1.3bn people in total.

Is religion like a gun? It can protect and be destructive. Religion saves the world from the excesses and cruelty of human nature; yet at the same time being used as a form of control and domination.
If the poor were to ever rise up against the brutality and unfairness of poverty the wealthy would be overwhelmed.
Even writing this here. It seems too ridiculous an idea to contemplate.
Long live religion and the poor.

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