10. Magic Love

Is love magic?   Adrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog      www.counsellingme.co.ukMagic Love?

Sometimes it is easy to forget. Happy in a relationship? Unhappy and want to get out?
Not in a relationship? Want a relationship?
Whatever your love status it is easy to lose sight of the joy and pain that love involves. If you have been in or out of a relationship for a while it is easy to forget the tempestuousness of the early stages of love.
Do you protect yourself from the first stage of love? Are you around people you find attractive? Do you avoid them? Have you developed a hidden mechanism which puts people you like off? Do you sabotage anyone getting close to you because of a previous bad experience?
You meet someone or have been around a person for a while who you have developed feelings for. What are these feelings about? How strong are these feelings? What do the feelings mean? Do you talk yourself out of them? Or do you take the risk of telling the person how you feel? Magic Love.

Whatever your feelings the decision to let the other person know is difficult. Did you tell them sober? Without drink or drugs? Did you not need to say anything as you join together? Are you already in a relationship and don’t want to say? Or have you already said something? Do you regret it?

The body goes into a joy/panic state. Obsessing about the love object. Love is a drug.

The drug of love takes you out yourself. You are yourself but in a more heightened way.
You feel somehow bigger? Somehow smaller? Love is all around.

Are you in love? What does it mean?
Whatever it is, love is all around. It is everywhere in one form or another. The intensity of being in love is unique but is obviously not the only type of love. Family, children, friends, pets, hobbies, past times all involve a love of one kind or another. A person alone without love is seen to be pitied, and to feel sorry for.

Perhaps the most neglected and challenging love is the love for oneself. It is so much easier for us to outwardly love, then inwardly love. In fact how many of us know how to love ourselves?
Magic Love.

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